MediaTek beefs up assets, new iPhones for Christmas, and the latest 3G handset litigation

Columns, Foreword Thinking: 2008-01-01MediaTek will soon need to make room for about 400 new engineers and customer support personnel. It’s a done deal: MediaTek has signed an agreement to acquire the assets related to Analog Devices’ (ADI’s) radio and SoftFone chipset product lines, as well as certain cellular handset baseband support operations. In addition to picking up ADI’s relevant patent portfolio, MediaTek will own the architectural license for ADI’s Blackfin DSP chip employed in the SoftFone product line. The sale is expected to close by the end of this year. And, for the cherry on top, MediaTek is gaining the Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) chipset ADI developed for China’s market. Although that 3G technology is still in trials, ADI appears to be the current market leader. TD-SCDMA cell phones are expected to roll out in volume prior to the 2008 Olympics.

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