Tune in: MIMO IP for FPGAs benefits military and commercial radios

Silvus Communication Systems is a company you’ve probably heard little about in the media. So far, they’ve flown under the radar, quietly developing Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) IP and working under DoD Small Business Innovation Research contracts (SBIRs) and a new DARPA contract. But Silvus has some amazing IP – they’ve cracked the code on tuning Software-Defined Radio (SDR) antennas to take advantage of time, frequency, and space. Using their IP in an FPGA, users can optimize for ultra-high bandwidth data rates, low probability of detection, low power, or small physical size. We conducted a telephone interview with the company’s founder, UCLA Professor Babak Daneshrad, who is so easygoing that he insists on being called by his first name.

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