A quick start kit for DSP FPGA design

With the increasing complexity of system design, developers could use a kick-start on their projects. is answering that call with a pair of base design kits for their 28 nm Kintex-7 and Virtex-7 , each built on PCI Express PCBs. The kits come with just about all the hardware and software required to get started, including cables and a power supply, FMC connectors, and a copy of Xilinx’s ISE Design Suite and MathWorks evaluation software for MATLAB and Simulink.

The Kintex-7 KC705 board is based on the XC7K325T FPGA, a 360,080 logic cell device. Avnet has added to this base kit with a set of features targeting developers of applications, including a high-speed / FMC Module. The module provides a dual channel 14-bit, 250 MSps Texas Instruments ADC, a dual 16-bit, 800 MSps, 2x/4x interpolating DAC, and a high-speed clock synchronizer to remove jitter, also from TI. Avnet also provides a for a 3G Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) digital up/down converter with -to-digital loopback. The DSP FPGA kit can be purchased from Avnet for $3,995.

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