Making the grade: Programmable device offers high capacity and reliability for military

Programmable logic is now de rigeur in defense systems – but density and extended temp range are absolute requirements in high-rel applications. QuickLogic offers the 1 million gate version of their PolarPro family, their low-power programmable logic technology in a Mil-spec temperature rating. The QL1P1000 incorporates embedded memory with built-in FIFO control and advanced clock management control units, yet offers enhanced design security.

The proprietary ViaLink technology used also offers significant benefits for battery-powered, mission-critical applications. PolarPro’s VLP low-power mode reduces current demand to less than 100 microamps, meaning smaller, lighter batteries can be used for easier portability. There’s also special packaging to reduce sensitivity to mechanical stresses such as shock and vibe. For demanding defense applications, this device makes the grade: the military grade.