Single chip can shape L+R audio equalization

Need to equalize left and right channels? No problemo. There’s now a to allow a single QF1D512 Simple and versatile FIR engine (SavFIRe) IC to be configured to provide multichannel filtering. This way, designers can implement audio equalization for both left and right channels or other sound enhancements.

The device is a programmable digital filter designed for seamless insertion in the serial data path of a digital signal or used as an FIR coprocessor. It can be easily programmed using the Quickfilter Design Software to support virtually any FIR configuration. The programmable digital filter can be configured within minutes – yes, minutes – to support a virtually infinite range of filtering possibilities.

The configuration can be applied to both wired and audio systems, including wireless speakers, devices that plug into iPods, and audio systems for stereo networks. And the “sound-shaping” possibilities are endless.

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