These ultra-low-power DSPs break the $2 barrier

(TI) has claimed the lowest price in the industry for a , offering the ultra-low-power TMS320C553x series starting at $1.95 (for the TMS320C5532) in quantities of 1,000 units. TI is also offering the C5535 eZdsp development kit for the C553x DSPs, discounted to $55 through December 31, 2011 (normally $99). The kit includes a credit-card-sized development board by Spectrum Digital and a full-featured version of the Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The company says that the C553x DSPs enable developers to add sophisticated in consumer audio and voice applications such as headsets and voice recorders, and in applications such as portable medical equipment, biometric security, and voice-activated systems. Developers can also download TI’s free software framework for USB Audio Class and Human Interface Devices (HID) applications at

Features of the fixed-point DSPs include: 20 ns or 10 ns instruction cycle time at a 50 MHz or 100 MHz clock rate, one/two instructions per cycle, dual multipliers at up to 200 Million Multiply Accumulate Cycles per Second (MMACS), two Arithmetic/Logic Units (ALUs), and three internal data/operand read buses with two internal data/operand write buses. The TMS320C5535 includes 320 KB of zero wait-state RAM composed of 64 KB of Dual-Access RAM (DARAM), eight blocks of 4K x 16-bit 256 KB Single-Access RAM (SARAM), and 32 blocks of 4K x 16-bit 128 KB zero wait-state ROM (four blocks of 16K x 16-bit). The TMS320C5535 also includes a tightly coupled FFT hardware accelerator.

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