Video on the go across different set-top devices

Media convergence is happening in your living room. Streaming movies, prime time shows via iTunes, and video podcasts all require heavy lifting. TI’s got you covered with their DaVinci technology digital media processor for video transcoding in media gateways, multipoint control units, digital media adapters, video security DVRs, and IP set-top boxes allowing consumers to seamlessly move content across their video end products. “Aha!” you say to yourself. “I want this.” Wrapped with a complete offering of development tools and digital media software, the new TMS320DM6467 DaVinci processor is a DSP-based System-on-Chip (SoC) specifically tuned for real-time, multiformat, HD video transcoding. Integrating an ARM926EJ-S core and 600 MHz C64x+ DSP core along with an HD video coprocessor, conversion engine, and targeted video port interfaces, the system solution delivers a 10x performance improvement over previous generation processors to perform simultaneous, multiformat HD encoding, decoding, and transcoding up to H.264 HP@L4 (1080p 30 fps, 1080i 60 fps, 720p 60 fps).