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Nallatech Salutes SGI for Taking Leadership Role in the Future of High-Performance Computing with Its RASC Technology

Nallatech, Inc.

As industry is adapting to the changing demands needed for high-performance computing, reconfigurable computing is one of the leading developments in accelerating application performance. Forward-thinking companies, such as Nallatech, a leading supplier of high-performance FPGA computing, and SGI have taken initiatives towards that goal.


On September 19, SGI issued a major announcement - "SGI Extends High-Performance Computing Leadership With Reconfigurable Computing Technology" that unveiled an advanced hardware solution based on SGI(R)Reconfigurable Application-Specific Computing (RASC(TM)) Technology. Nallatech is pleased to be part of the SGI RASC solution.

Previously on July 18, Nallatech announced its collaboration with SGI on developing FPGA high-performance computing solutions. (See "Nallatech Collaborates with SGI Inc. on Developing FPGA High-Performance Computing Solutions") The two companies have entered into the strategic collaboration to develop new business opportunities within the high-performance computing market. The companies plan to offer new products and services based on SGI's reconfigurable system technology and Nallatech's Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) computing technology.

While at HPEC, Nallatech's CTO Malachy Devlin will be available for comments regarding Nallatech's relationship with SGI.


Malachy Devlin, CTO, Nallatech will attend the Annual Workshop on High-Performance Embedded Computing 2005 (HPEC).


HPEC will be held at the Massachusetts Institute of

Technology's Lincoln Laboratory, 244 Wood Street, Lexington, MA


September 20 - 22, 2005


Members of the media or industry peers that would like to speak to Dr. Malachy Devlin, CTO of Nallatech, shouldcontact: Adam Zand, Topaz Partners, at, or at (781) 388-7900 ext. 206

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