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Lauterbach Sets New Standards in the GIGA Class


With the Gigabit-Ethernet interface of the new PowerDebug II module, users can download programs from a host computer to a target computer at extremely high speed. At the same time, this rapid data transfer rate is essential for evaluating large trace memories. Naturally, all available debuggers and extensions can be operated with this high-speed module.

However, it is only when used in conjunction with PowerTrace II that users can take full advantage of this module’s capabilities. The enormous 2-GB trace memory of PowerTrace II means that it can monitor long periods of program run time. Each piece of information saved is given a timestamp with a resolution of 10 ns. Combined, for example, with a context tracking system, reverse analysis of the trace data (enabling the content of local variables to be reconstructed), and cache analysis, users can evaluate extremely large windows of time. The same applies to the statistics function, performance analysis, and code coverage analysis. With a maximum recording rate of 350 MHz, this module is well equipped for the future. PowerDebug II currently supports the trace ports of 30 different types of processor architectures.

Source: Lauterbach