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Nallatech's DIMEtalk 3 Creates a True Application Development Environment for Multi-FPGA Computing

Nallatech, Inc.

Nallatech announces the introduction of DIMEtalk™ 3, an application development environment for single- and multiple-device FPGA computing systems that is easier to use than traditional design flows, shortens development time, and reduces risk.

DIMEtalk 3 is the third generation of Nallatech's acclaimed DIMEtalk environment, and delivers rapid, easy to use application development capabilities through automated configuration of system level communications, expanded libraries of pre-tested components, support for industry leading third-party tools including FPGA compilers, and integral DIME-C™ entry-level C-to-VHDL function generator. DIME-C is available as part of an early access program, and provides a convenient method for engineers to implement complex hardware functions using high-level design entry.

DIMEtalk 3 builds on the FPGA networking capabilities of DIMEtalk 2, and offers seamless integration to Nallatech FPGA computing hardware platforms. System-level communications between algorithm blocks, memory and I/O interfaces are implemented quickly and easily in DIMEtalk 3 by simple drag and drop actions via an enhanced GUI. DIMEtalk 3 retains established DIMEtalk attributes, including support for direct node-to-node transfers, asynchronous bridges, and special features such as the Xilinx®Microblaze™ Interface Node enabling Microblaze processors in user applications to be directly coupled to the DIMEtalk network. The extended component libraries of DIMEtalk 3 allow users to quickly implement complex hardware functions such as interfaces to common high-bandwidth external memories, saving design entry time and reducing errors and the associated debugging time. Other components, such as bridges to Xilinx Rocket I/O™ blocks, allow designers to make full use of embedded FPGA architectural features.

The open interfaces of DIMEtalk 3 allow engineers to augment the development environment by using third-party compiler tools, including C to FPGA flows and graphical development environments. Further third-party tools and techniques, such as algorithm-based design flows and common hardware description languages such as VHDL, are also easily used in conjunction with DIMEtalk 3. This provides developers with great flexibility to use one or more techniques that best suit the requirements of the application, as well as individual design skills and personal preferences. Nallatech will be announcing specific supported third-party compiler tools over the coming months.

DIME-C, Nallatech's C-to-VHDL function generator with floating point support, provides a first step towards using C to FPGA design flows. By registering for the early access program, users receive a software key granting access to DIME-C. This enables them to begin exploring the opportunities offered by high-level FPGA design entry and represents a stepping stone to the feature-rich compilers offered by Nallatech's compiler tool partners.

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Nallatech is the world's leading supplier of high performance FPGA solutions. A comprehensive product range delivers the highest performance-density, maximum scalability and most complete solutions available on the market today. Nallatech offers a unique high-speed architecture, combined with support for industry standard PCI, cPCI, PC/104 and VME, along with software support for the most popular operating systems and programming languages. Nallatech provides flexible, easy to implement solutions for Data Communications, Digital Signal and Image Processing. Customers benefit from lower costs, reduced power consumption and improved performance in end markets including Telecommunications Infrastructure, Aerospace and Defence, Imaging and Scientific Computing. Nallatech is headquartered near Glasgow, UK, its wholly-owned subsidiary Nallatech, Inc. has U.S. group offices in Baltimore and regional offices in Phoenix, Philadelphia and Boston. For more information, please visit

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