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BittWare Announces Industry's First Customer Shipment of Signal Processing Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC)

BittWare, Inc.

SAN JOSE, CA – December 6, 2005 – BittWare, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of DSP board-level solutions based on Analog Devices TigerSHARC® technology, announced today at the ATCA Summit the First Customer Shipment (FCS) of their B2-AMC (B2AM). Combining the best-in-class performance of Analog Devices TigerSHARC with the superior logic density of Altera's Stratix II and the benefits of AdvancedMC, this Quad ADSP-TS201 TigerSHARC board supports Universal Baseband Processing for any wireless application including WiMAX, Software Defined Radio, and Super 3G, bringing BittWare's expertise in SHARC-based designs to a new platform.

“This is a landmark announcement, providing an ideal solution for next generation wireless infrastructure. The unique hybrid approach of the B2AM combines the best of DSP and FPGA technology, creating a reconfigurable, multi-protocol platform capable of supporting the vast range of complex functionality required by today's demanding applications,” stated Dr. Kenny Adamson, BittWare Technology Fellow.

B2-AMC Features

A full-height, single wide AMC, the B2AM is ideal for use in AdvancedTCA®, MicroTCA, or custom systems and is completely hot-swappable. Using the superscalar architecture of the ADSP-TS201 TigerSHARC DSPs, the B2AM provides an unprecedented 14.4 GFLOPs and 57.5 GOPS of processing power. A large Altera Stratix II FPGA implements BittWare's ATLANTiS architecture, seamlessly integrating the DSP processing power with your switch fabric of choice: Serial RapidIO™, PCI Express™, Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI), GigE, or XAUI™ (10 GigE). In addition to the multiprocessor scalability of the TigerSHARC, the board features a variety of front and back panel I/O interfaces, an IPMI system management interface, and system synchronization via AMC system clocks.

Availability and Pricing

This FCS occurred in October of 2005 to one of BittWare's tier-one wireless infrastructure customers. Volume shipments will begin in Q1 of 2006 with OEM pricing starting at $4,995.

Complete Software Support

BittWare offers a complete suite of software development tools to make developing and debugging applications for the B2AM easy and efficient. The BittWorks software tools provide host interface libraries, a wide variety of diagnostic utilities and configuration tools, and debug tools. This tool set is comprised of BittWare's DSP21k Toolkit, DSP21k Porting Kit, BittWare Target, Remote Toolkit and Target, TigerSHARC BSP for Gedae, and TS-Lib and SpeedDSP libraries.

About BittWare, Inc.

Founded in 1989, BittWare, Inc. is the leading supplier of TigerSHARC based DSP boards and software. BittWare uses Analog Devices' (ADI) TigerSHARC and Altera's FPGA technology to provide innovative Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTs) and application-specific solutions for high-performance, real-time signal processing applications. BittWare's product offering addresses OEM needs from prototype-to-production and spans a variety of platforms, including AMC, PCI, CompactPCI, VME, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PMC and standalone. For more information on BittWare and its innovative DSP solutions, visit

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