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TI Authorized Software Providers Offer Expertise for Digital Media Equipment Design across the Globe

Texas Instruments

Eight Providers to License and Support TI Software Algorithms Worldwide

Digital Media Expertise Spans the Globe

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Customer Quotes

Marc Guillaumet, Marketing Director, ATEME

"We are proud to be a part of TI's ASP program, which gives OEMs access to

Pratul Shroff, President and CEO, eInfochips

-Bob Ueyama, Executive Vice President of Embedded Products Division, eSOL

-Aaron Caldwell, Senior Vice President of Operations, Ingenient

-Sattam Dasgupta, Vice President - Media Streaming Business, Ittiam

Scott Wilken, Vice President of Electrical Engineering, Logic

Frank Breeze, Commercial Operations Manager, MPC Data

David Dong, President, Wintech Digital

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