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Datalight Simplifies Reliable Data Storage for Linux-based Devices


Bothell, WA, – March 18, 2010 – Datalight announces support for Linux kernel versions up to 2.6.29 with new versions of FlashFX Tera, the file-system independent flash memory manager and Reliance Nitro, the highly-reliable, high-performance file system. FlashFX Tera version 1.2 offers out-of-the-box support for over 300 different flash memory parts from all the leading suppliers, expanding the choice for OEMs using flash memory. Linux is finding its way into more devices such as smart phones, automotive infotainment, and industrial equipment which require both responsiveness and 100% data reliability, by adding Reliance Nitro 1.2, OEMs can ensure rock-solid reliability of their systems without paying a performance penalty.

“Datalight continues to raise the standard in delivering advanced file system features for MontaVista Linux,” said Dean Misenhimer, Director of Marketing at MontaVista Software. “Our partnership provides our customers the option of a pre-integrated professional flash file system solution to speed their development of flash-based devices. This ultimately leads to faster time to market with superior performance and reliability.”

FlashFX Tera supports the full range of flash technologies including NAND, NOR, and MLC NAND flash in a single driver. Its patented wear-leveling and bad block management extend the useful life of devices using flash. While FlashFX Tera can be used with virtually any file system, pairing it with Reliance Nitro provides an optimized data storage software stack to simplify system development.

Reliance Nitro version 1.2 also adds support for extended file attributes. Most commonly used to designate file permissions, extended attributes are important to customers using special Linux distributions like SMACK. As data quantity and complexity in devices grows, extended file attributes can also be used for storing additional metadata (data about the data), such as digital rights information, GPS location or any information that makes finding and using the data easier. The ability of Reliance Nitro to serve as the root file system for Linux can simplify the data storage stack for these devices by allowing them to operate with a single file system.

“With the growth in adoption of Linux for data-intensive embedded devices, OEMs need a flash file system that better supports their reliability and performance requirements.” said Roy Sherrill, Datalight CEO. “By migrating our flagship products to Linux we’re filling that gap in the market with a robust, commercial-grade solution backed by our reputation for responsive, high-quality support.”

FlashFX Tera 1.2 and Reliance Nitro 1.2 are available immediately from Datalight and the Datalight worldwide network of channel partners. Please visit us at to find a reseller near you.

The Reliance family of file systems and FlashFX family of flash media managers comprise the Datalight flash file system solution. Reliance was designed from the ground up for high reliability applications. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology gives developers full control over performance and data protection characteristics, protecting users from file system corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times that remain consistent for the life of the product, regardless of disk size. FlashFX™ Tera features pre-written support for over 300 flash parts, works with virtually any NAND controller, and features wear leveling, bad block management, and background compaction for unrivaled performance.

About Datalight Datalight, Inc. headquartered just north of Seattle, Wash., develops technologies to enable risk-free mobile data. Datalight file system and device driver software ensures reliability, performance and flexibility, and is used worldwide on many of today’s most well-known devices. For more information, visit, call 800.221.6630 or visit blog at

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