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New DSP + ARM(r) software tools from Texas Instruments dramatically reduce DSP development starting time from hours to minutes

Texas Instruments

DALLAS (September 28, 2010) — Today, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) is launching two free software development tools to enable ARM®, Linux™ and system developers to easily leverage the real-time, intensive signal processing power of the TMS320C6000™ digital signal processor (DSP) in TI’s integrated floating- and fixed-point DSP + ARM processors. The C6EZRun and C6EZAccel software development tools allow ARM developers to quickly and easily program the DSP. This simplifies and accelerates the development process and reduces DSP development starting time, time-to-market and development costs.

Using C6EZRun, ARM and Linux developers can easily port their current ARM applications to run on the DSP without changing their ARM code or learning DSP architectures. Partitioning code between the DSP and the ARM cores offloads the ARM and allows the DSP to efficiently process signal-intensive algorithms, improving overall performance. Efficient partitioning of code from the ARM to the DSP can increase performance of certain algorithms by as much as 10 times. For system engineers looking to reduce development time by leveraging ready-to-use DSP software, C6EZAccel provides a framework to over 130 optimized DSP kernels, allowing them to add DSP functionality to their application and differentiate their product with TI-provided video, audio and voice codecs. With the C6EZRun and C6EZAccel software development tools, developers can quickly and easily leverage the DSP to add intensive real-time signal analysis and algorithm processing features to their applications. The tools are ideal for adding digital signal processing functionality such as digital room correction capabilities to an audio system, people-counting capabilities to a video system or power measurement and analysis to a power metering system.

C6EZRun and C6EZAccel software tools features and benefits

C6 Tool Feature Benefit

C6EZRun Creates ARM-side interfaces that abstract the DSP

Developer may quickly partition code between the DSP and ARM

A simple, familiar GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)-like interface

Offloads the ARM, allowing the DSP to handle intense calculations and optimizing overall system performance

Enables developers to use an interface with which they are familiar when porting their ARM code, eliminating the need to learn about DSP architecture and underlying technologies

C6EZAccel A framework that provides easy access to over 130 optimized DSP kernels

Ready-to-use algorithms that run on the DSP

ARM-side API library that abstracts the DSP Allows systems engineers to add differentiation without writing DSP code, accelerating time to market for signal processing, analytics and medical applications

Facilitates more efficient use of the processor, leading to fewer upgrades

Enables engineers to use DSP functionality without knowing DSP architecture

Pricing and availability

The free C6EZRun and C6EZAccel software tools are available for download. The tools currently support the following C6000™-based DSP + ARM processors and will expand to support future generations of floating- and fixed-point DSP + ARM devices:

C6EZRun C6EZAccel


Omap-l137 Omap-l137

OMAP3525 DaVinci™ DM6467

Visit to download C6EZRun and to download C6EZAccel.

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