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Innovative Integration Announces the Digital Receiver Instrumentation Series

Innovative Integration

Simi Valley, CA, March 3, 2014, Innovative Integration, a trusted supplier of signal processing and data acquisition hardware and software solutions, today announced the Digital Receiver Instrumentation Series, turnkey solutions providing integrated digital downconversion (DDC), FFT, spectrum monitoring, and digital beam-forming functions. The solutions consists of three parts: An FPGA-based analog digitizer module, a PC-based host controller plus an optional firmware development kit to allow customization.

First in the series is 90401 Digital Receiver with Eight Independent DDC Channels and One 32K FFT, a great solution for Digital Receiver/Recording, Spectrum Analysis, Surveillance, or Software Defined Radio. A development kit is available to support creation of advanced custom firmware.


• Analog bandwidth: 5 ~ 400 MHz

• Eight 14-bit ADCs sampling up-to 250 MHz

• Synchronous VITA 49 timestamp using external PPS signal or internal 1 second timer

• Embedded power meter for ADCs (dBFS)

• 32 digital-IO bits

• PCI Express Gen 2: sustained transfer rate up-to 3200 Mbyte/s

• Support synchronous down-sampling on multiple modules


• Eight independent 16-bit DDC channels

• DDC bandwidth: 50 MHz ~ 200 KHz

• Independent tuner: DC ~ 125 MHz; resolution 0.0582 Hz at 250 MHz sampling rate

• DDC outputs SNR > 55 dB; SFDR > 75 dB

• DDC reprogramming, channel enable and disable on-the-fly

• Spectrum inversion for ADC under-sampling


• One wide-band/narrow-band spectrum analyzer (32768 Points FFT)

• Threshold limited spectrum monitoring up-to 512 bins