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Alpha Data Announces Support for Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT Platform FPGAs

Alpha Data, Inc.

San Jose, California Oct 17th 2006: Alpha Data today announced that the successful ADM-XRC series of PCI Mezzanine Cards is being extended to include platforms based on the new Xilinx(NASDAQ: XLNX) Virtex™-5LXT Platform FPGAs. The Xilinx LXT family is the second of four domain-optimized platforms in the Virtex-5 family and offers the industry's lowest transceiver power at < 100mW typical at 3.2Gbps and the industry's first FPGA to deliver a built-in PCI Express® Endpoint and Tri-mode Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC) blocks.

* Radar and Sonar Processing

* Software Defined Radio (SDR)

* Reconfigurable Computing

* Telecommunication Encryption/Compression

* Image Processing

* Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

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