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Altera Announces High-End Stratix III Family

Altera Corporation

AN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 8 -- Altera Corporation (Nasdaq: ALTR) today announced its Stratix® III FPGA family, delivering the industry's lowest power consumption of any high-density, high-performance programmable logic device. Built on TSMC's 65-nm process, Stratix III FPGAs feature groundbreaking innovations including hardware architecture advancements and Quartus® II software enhancements. Working together, these new features deliver 50 percent lower power, 25 percent higher performance and 2x the density compared to previous generation Stratix II devices.

Stratix III Features

-- Programmable Power Technology: Enables every programmable logic array

block (LAB), DSP block and memory block to independently operate at

high-speed or low-power mode. The PowerPlay feature in Quartus II

software automatically controls the mode of each block based on

performance requirements.

-- Selectable Core Voltage: Enables designers to choose 1.1 V core voltage

for high-performance applications or 0.9 V core voltage for the lowest

power consumption.

-- Highest Performance: Stratix III devices are 25 percent faster than the

prior generation and, at a minimum, provide a full speed grade

advantage over any competing FPGA family.

-- Highest Density: Stratix III FPGAs bring a 2x density advantage over

prior generation FPGAs and are the highest-density FPGAs in the

-- Flexible I/O: Supporting over 40 I/O interface standards, Stratix III

I/Os deliver industry-leading performance, flexibility and signal


-- External memory interfaces: Industry-leading memory interface

performance with programmable I/O delay, programmable drive strength

for maximum DDR3 performance are new to Stratix III FPGAs.

-- Superior signal integrity: Stratix III FPGAs utilize increased

power/ground to user I/O ratio, optimized signal return paths,

on-chip termination for best-in-class signal integrity.

-- Highest-performance DSP capability: Stratix III FPGAs deliver up to

300 times more multiplier/accumulator performance than the

power, smaller board footprint and lower overall system costs for

-- TriMatrix memory: Stratix III TriMatrix memory includes three sizes of

memory blocks, MLAB blocks, M9K blocks and M144K blocks, that enable

higher memory bandwidth than any other FPGA memory architecture and up

-- Design security: Stratix III devices are the only FPGAs with support

for 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) volatile and non-

volatile security key to protect designs from copying, reverse

industry-leading IP protection.

-- Quartus II PowerPlay software: PowerPlay optimization and analysis

technology automatically analyzes designs and optimizes them for the

optimization software is as easy to use or effective in minimizing

-- Quartus II software v6.1 advanced design features: Quartus II software

version 6.1 enables the highest levels of productivity and the fastest

path to design completion for high-density FPGA designs with the

compilation and multiprocessor support. See

Third-Party Support for Stratix III FPGAs

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