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0-24V to Encoder differential signal isolated transmitter(three input three output)

Shenzhen Wayjun Industrial Automation

products samples:

1: Input: Encoder differential signal Power supply: 24V Output: 0-5V level

Type No.: DIN33 IAP-S5-P1-O1

2: Input: Encoder differential signal Power supply: 12V Output: 0-24V level

Type No.: DIN33 IAP-S5-P2-O3

3: Input: 0-5V level Power supply: 24V Output: 0-24V level

Type No.: DIN33 IAP-S2-P1-O3

4: Input: 0-5V level Power supply: 12V Output: open collector

Type No.: DIN33 IAP-S2-P2-O4

5: Input:user-defined Power supply: 24V Output: user-defined

Type No.: DIN33 IAP-Su-P1-Ou

Keywords: Encoder | differential signal | pulse | isolated converter | Signal Conditioner

( three input three output)


>> Differential encoder input signal is converted into a pulse signal directly

>> Support A, B, and Z three-phase differential simultaneous conversion

>> 3 inputs, 3 outputs, selectable output pulse amplitude

>> No change the original waveform frequency, response speed is over 500KHz

>> Three-isolation:signal input/Power/signal output 3000VDC

>> Power supply: 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V DC single power supply

>> Low cost, high small size, ease of use, reliability

>> Standard DIN35 rail mounting

>> Dimensions: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43mm

>> Industrial Temperature Range: - 45 ~ + 85 ℃


>> Encoder differential signal isolation, acquisition and conversion

>> Differential encoder 24V square wave pulse signal transduction

>> Servo encoder signals to the PLC differential

>> Pulse signal amplification and shaping

>> Ground interference suppression

>> Motor speed monitoring system

>> Speed ​​measurement and alarm

>> Signals without distortion transmission and transmission