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PrismTech Innovation Facilitates FPGA Programming and Integration


Boston, MA, USA – 25 July, 2007 — PrismTech™, an acknowledged leader in the provision of state-of-the-art middleware and development tools, has announced an innovative solution that reduces the complexity of programming and integrating FPGAs in embedded systems. PrismTech’s Integrated Circuit ORB (ICO) is an IP core that provides standards-based CORBA protocol messaging for FPGA logic blocks. The patent application for this breakthrough technology has recently been published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Pub. No.: US 2007/0130570 A1).

Key elements of PrismTech’s ICO:

• GIOP processor — a VHDL/System-C/Verilog description of a GIOP protocol processor. The ICO is responsible for implementing the transfer syntax used in CORBA messages. The engine marshals and unmarshals GIOP messages and extracts header and data fields. Message data is transferred to and from the embedded application logic.

• Open standard interface — an open architecture for being able to interface ICO with a variety of transport technologies.

• IDL-VHDL Compiler — generates stubs and skeletons in VHDL from CORBA IDL, such that ICO can send and receive requests between clients and servants implemented in the software and hardware elements of radio modules.

• VHDL component wrapper that implements the Software Communication Architecture (SCA) Resource for embedded application logic to provide compatibility with Software Defined Radio (SDR) requirements.

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