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Strategic Partnership between Nallatech and Starbridge Systems Targets High-Performance Computing Markets

Nallatech, Inc.

Taking the lead in addressing strategic markets for field programmable gate array (FPGA) systems, Starbridge Systems and Nallatech today announced a worldwide strategic partnership that offers a unique combination of software, hardware and services suited for high-performance computing applications. These combined offerings make the power of FPGAs accessible to system engineers involved in high-performance computing applications in markets such as defense and military, homeland security and bioinformatics.

The agreement follows the porting of Starbridge Systems Viva FPGA development software to Nallatech's reconfigurable computer systems. This combination provides ease of algorithm development on a wide range of FPGA platforms--from inexpensive low gate-count boards to powerful high-end multi-FPGA architectures.

"This strategic alliance is truly a case of taking the best elements of two companies to establish a powerful, scalable and affordable computing system for demanding applications," said Allan Cantle, CEO of Nallatech. "Starbridge's Viva provides a powerful and easy-to-use front end tool for Nallatech's FPGA-based hardware systems."

"Offering Viva with Nallatech's scalable, modular hardware platform extends the benefits of Starbridge's expertise in Hypercomputing to a much broader range of users," said Kurt Dobson, CEO of Starbridge Systems. "The Nallatech/Starbridge relationship makes high-performance reconfigurable computing accessible to the entry level user as well as the power user.

With Starbridge's Viva, a fully integrated, object oriented, graphical development environment, developers can create efficient custom circuitry for running complex algorithms directly in the FPGA hardware of Nallatech's reconfigurable computer systems. Viva algorithms can be tuned for maximum performance (by using more hardware), smallest physical size (by using very few gates), or anything in between.

NOTE FOR EDITORS, FPGA EXPERTS: Nallatech and Starbridge will be demonstrating the shared development platform through a real-time video analysis application written in Viva running on Nallatech FPGA hardware at 2005 MAPLD International Conference in Washington, D.C., September 7-9, 2005. For more information, please visit .

About Nallatech

Nallatech is the world's leading supplier of high performance FPGA solutions. A comprehensive product range delivers the highest performance-density, maximum scalability and most complete solutions available on the market today. Nallatech offers a unique high-speed architecture, combined with support for industry standard PCI, cPCI, PC/104 and VME, along with software support for the most popular operating systems and programming languages. Nallatech provides flexible, easy to implement solutions for Data Communications, Digital Signal and Image Processing. Customers benefit from lower costs, reduced power consumption and improved performance in end markets including Telecommunications Infrastructure, Aerospace and Defense, Imaging and Scientific Computing. Nallatech is headquartered in Cumbernauld, U.K., its wholly-owned subsidiary Nallatech, Inc. has U.S. group offices in Baltimore and regional offices in Phoenix, Philadelphia and Boston. For more information, please visit .

About Starbridge Systems: The Hypercomputing Company

Utah-based Star Bridge Systems, Inc. was founded in 1998 to advance reconfigurable computing technologies, creating the powerful, high-performance Hypercomputer platforms. Compared with conventional processors, Starbridge's scalable Hypercomputers offer significant advantages in speed, flexibility, versatility and efficiencies of size, weight and power consumption. Starbridge's Viva development environment turns months into minutes by supporting highly parallel expression of algorithms and optimally configuring FPGA hardware for peak execution of each algorithm. Starbridge customers include such institutions as NASA, the U.S. Air Force and the National Cancer Institute. For more information, visit , email, or call 801-984-4444.

Source: Nallatech, Inc.