Advantech to Feature Cutting Edge HEVC, JPEG2000 Capabilities and High Density, Cost Effective Streaming products at IBC 2013

DSP-based solutions prove their effectiveness for video applications, as optimized implementations provide flexibility and scalability to meet ever increasing requirements.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 5, 2013 – Advantech (TWSE: 2395.TW) will reveal the latest DSP-based technology for advanced video solutions at the upcoming IBC Show to be held September 13-17 in Amsterdam. The company will feature products that support new video standards, including High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), JPEG2000 codec, 4K/2K resolution and AVC-Intra/Ultra, enabling high-performance video applications from core servers to edge nodes, allowing OEM customers to choose the most cost-effective platform for their particular applications.

Advantech DSPC-8681 and DSPC-8682 PCIe cards adopt multicore and programmable KeyStone™ multicore architecture from Texas InstrumentsIncorporated (TI) for fulfilling market needs in terms of raw power, low energy consumption and high density integration. These cards can support up to eight TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs from TI, each with 2GB of DDR3 1333/1600MHz 64-bit DDR3 memory, the PLX® ExpressLane(TM) PEX8748 PCIe Gen 3 switch, a Xilinx XC3S200AN Spartan-3 FPGA and an IDT CPS1616 Serial RapidIO Gen 2 switch to achieve levels of performance that far exceed the performance and density of commodity platforms. The DSPC-8681 and DSPC-8682 cards are perfectly capable of dealing with all of the new video codec standards including HEVC, JPEG2000 and AVC-Intra & Ultra in addition to existing well-established codecs such as MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.

Advantech’s DSPC-8681 and DSPC-8682 are an ideal fit for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) which offers a better compression ratio compared to the existing H.264 codec standard with the same video quality. However, as the complexity of HEVC encoding and decoding is significantly higher than H.264, it requires well planned implementation schemes to achieve distinct efficiency and cost advantages. At IBC, Advantech will demonstrate how the optimized software-based HEVC codec from TI provides flexibility and scalability across multiple cores to efficiently meet newHEVC requirements.

The JPEG2000 standard has been widely adopted by digital cinema and mission critical industries because it maintains picture quality by using Intra-Frame and wavelet transform technology to provide robust transmission and superb image quality. Advantech will demonstrate their capability of integrating multiple DSPC-8682 cards enabling greater flexibility in scaling JPEG2000 4K/2K encoding and decoding to meet a broad range of video requirements in terms of resolution and frame rates.

To preserve video quality and achieve high compression rate, AVC-Intra and Ultra are supported by leading companies in broadcasting industries for Full HD and new Ultra HD contents. Advantech will demonstrate its DSPC-8681 card performing AVC-Intra encoding at 1080p60 resolution with 10-bit color and 4:2:2 sampling scheme.

Advantech will also feature HLS streaming services and video wall applications using its DSPC-8662 PCIe card, equipped with the DaVinci™ TMS320DM8168 video processor from TI with supporting FPGA devices to perform video acquisition from 8-channel SDI-SD/HD/3G and ASI inputs. The option of supporting 4-channel HDMI video outputs, makes the DSPC-8662 highly versatile and able to address multiple video functions, including acquisition, encoding, decoding, transcoding, video wall, multi-viewer and surveillance. The DSPC-8662H possesses the capabilities in terms of supporting the compressed video streams over IP network via Gigabit Ethernet interface. It also offers high-efficiency for channel density and power consumption when deploying massive video processing engines in the cloud.

"As the video consumption increases on a worldwide scale by orders of magnitude from year to year, Advantech is committed to deliver cutting edge products, fulfilling the ever increasing industry requirements. The validated Advantech iServer and CGS carrier platforms provide wide operating temperature, high reliability and scalable capability to host our DSP/video add-on cards with remote control and management functionality" said David Lin, Senior Director Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Solutions, Advantech. "By integrating the latest technologies, from digital signal and media processors, x86 CPUs, networking processors and field-programmable gate-array devices, Advantech proposes the most innovative building enablers for its partners and system integrators. Our products are perfectly up-to the tasks for processing actual codecs such as MPEG-2 and H.264, and provide flexibility and scalability required by the challenges represented bythe new video standards, such as HEVC, JPEG2000 as demonstrated at this year's IBC Show."

In addition to its own demonstrations, Advantech is partnering with two of its customers, Cywee and Utelisys, showcasing field-deployed solutions which demonstrate how Advantech platforms based on TI DSP technology are being used to accelerate cloud gaming, interactive virtual office solutions and enable highest channel-density video streaming services using HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) technology. Texas Instruments will be present on the Advantech booth at the IBC Show to explain how both companies are helping customers build next generation platforms with state-of-the-art enabling software and IP for new adaptive video streaming and video wall applications.

Advantech will be demonstrating these products in Booth C22, Hall 9 at the IBC Show, September 13- 17 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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