ASELTA Nanographics raises funds in order to speed up its worldwide deployment

ASELTA Nanographics, a company supplying advanced data preparation software for electron beam lithography, completed its first round financing with A Plus Finance and CEA Investissement.

ASELTA Nanographics has been capitalizing on 10 years of CEA/Leti development to productize software allowing leading edge semiconductors to improve yield while lowering lithography writing time costs.

Inscale, ASELTA software, allows leading edge customers to benefit from their data preparation process in order to optimize their electron lithography steps in IC manufacturing, whether mask or maskless. Inscale proposes a unique trade-off between pattern fidelity and writing time, allowing customers to reduce their costs while augmenting quality.

Inscale maximum value starts at the 32nm logic process nodes as the traditional lithographic methods are running out of steam. Moving forward, at 22nm and beyond, the manufacturing of semiconductor chips will be relying on the performance of electron beam lithography, whether using masks or direct write techniques. Therefore, ASELTA proprietary algorithms, modeling and correcting accurately electron behavior, will become a must.

Naoya Hayashi, research fellow at Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), says: ‘The performance in improved pattern fidelity and writing time reduction that ASELTA is presenting is clearly showing that Inscale is one of the most effective tools for the leading edge lithographic masks that DNP is focusing on.’

The funds raised are amounting to 2,65m euros and have been completed by A Plus Finance and CEA Investissement. The proceeds will speed up ASELTA worldwide deployment in Asia, USA and Europe. ASELTA has already customers using its solutions in production. ASELTA has secured more than 8m Euros (10,8m dollars) financing, including this latest investment.

Jean-Michel Pimont, deputy director in charge of capital investments at A Plus Finance explains: ‘ASELTA software is a break-through solution helping semiconductors to tackle the dramatic discontinuity appearing at leading edge nanometric lithography. We are enthusiastic to partner with ASELTA as we believe they have the right product at the right time answering the right questions.’

Frédéric Martin, investment director at CEA Investissement says: ‘ASELTA benefited from CEA/LETI visionary research in Direct Write and their highly skilled personal and dedicated equipment. The company has managed to create one of the most advanced data preparation solutions to address today’s challenges in semiconductor manufacturing.’

Serdar Manakli, Chairman and CEO of ASELTA, added: ‘This fund raising is giving us the thrust to accelerate our worldwide deployment and is also increasing appropriately our equity capital in order to match our ambition. ’


ASELTA is a privately funded French company providing software environment mostly for the e-beam market. A CEA-LETI spin-off, incorporated in November 2009, ASELTA has production customers benefiting from its technology. Its unique architecture allows customers to increase resolution, accuracy and reduce writing time for their e-beam equipment with a seamless plug-and-play environment. Its corporate headquarters are at Minatec BHT, Bat.52 7 Parvis Louis Néel, BP50, 38040 Grenoble.

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