IR-Enhanced CCD Camera for Scientific Imaging

is pleased to announce the release of our newest CCD camera equipped with the latest sensor technology from Hamamatsu, a world leader in photonics research and development.

The Hamamatsu S11501-1007S is a back-thinned, area scan CCD image sensor with enhanced near infrared (NIR) sensitivity. The sensor’s superior performance at wavelengths longer than 800 nm delivers advantages for photometric applications beyond the previous generation of CCDs. This sensitivity is enabled by the unique MEMS structure on the back of the sensor, created using Hamamatsu’s proprietary laser processing technology.

In addition to its advanced NIR sensitivity, the sensor’s binning capability makes it an optimal choice for detectors in Raman spectroscopy. The binning operation enables higher signal-to-noise and speed than traditional methods using external circuits to add signals digitally.

Critical Link’s decision to build a camera around the S11501-1007S was an easy one since the sensor is pin compatible with it predecessor, the S7031-1007S. Our high performance CCD camera platform, known as the MityCCD, provides on-board with both a and available for algorithm development. The MityCCD software offers an easy-to-use interface for image setup, acquisition, viewing, and .

“We are pleased to once again partner with Hamamatsu, and are excited about the advancements this sensor will create in scientific imaging applications,” said Omar Rahim, Vice President of Imaging Solutions at Critical Link. “MityCCDs are used by customers around the world as off-the-shelf solutions and as baselines for OEM development. In addition, Critical Link engineers work with clients to customize our cameras so that they meet their distinct set of requirements.”

Visit Critical Link at Photonics West booth #630, or contact via to request additional detail or to inquire about ordering.


•MityCCD-H11501 product page & datasheet:

•S11501-1007S sensor product page & datasheet:

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