TI's new WEBENCH System Power Architect speeds design of multi-output, high-performance DC/DC power supply systems

Industry's first online tool to provide full system-level power design, including hot-swap control and isolated DC/DC conversion

DALLAS (June 11, 2012) – Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today expanded its award-winning WEBENCH® suite of tools by introducing WEBENCH System Power Architect, the industry’s first online tool to speed design of multi-output, high-performance DC/DC power supply systems. WEBENCH System Power Architect enables the user to build and optimize a complete power system from the edge of the card to the smallest point-of-load. In addition to the design and simulation of individual point-of-load converters, this innovative tool adds the ability to accommodate multiple intermediate bus architectures and safety isolation in conjunction with TI’s hot-swap controllers and isolated power products. To start a design, visit www.ti.com/webenchspa-pr.

Engineers worldwide have used TI’s WEBENCH tools to quickly create more than two million analog designs cost-free since its introduction by National Semiconductor in 1999. With the addition of WEBENCH System Power Architect, designers can create isolated power systems with hot swap capability in just about 60 seconds. When driving multiple loads, the designer can customize output voltages and load currents, and also select FPGAs and processors, which are preconfigured with critical requirements, load grouping and sequencing. Other options to select include ripple filter, low dropout regulators (LDO), external sync or separate supply. Watch a video at www.ti.com/webenchspa-prv.

Key features of WEBENCH System Power Architect:

• Includes a variety of hot swap controllers from TI, such as the LM5069 with power limiting, as well as isolated power products, such as the 10-W PTMA402050.

• Offers all of the capabilities of the existing WEBENCH FPGA and Processor Power Architects, supporting 268 processors and 190 FPGAs from seven suppliers.

• Supports a variety of power supply topologies, including buck, boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, inverting, flyback and LDO.

Find out more about TI’s WEBENCH suite of tools:

• Design a complete power management system with TI’s WEBENCH System Power Architect: www.ti.com/webenchspa-pr.

• Get more information on TI’s hot-swap controllers: www.ti.com/hotswap-pr.

• Get more information on TI’s isolated power products: www.ti.com/isolatedpower-pr.

• Ask questions and share knowledge in the WEBENCH Design Center forum in the TI E2E™ Community: www.ti.com/e2ewebench-pr.

About WEBENCH tools from Texas Instruments

The WEBENCH Designer and Architect component libraries include more than 24,000 components from 120 manufacturers. Price and availability is updated hourly by TI's distribution partners for design optimization and production planning. Offered in eight languages, the user can compare complete system designs and make supply chain decisions in minutes. To start a cost-free design, visit TI's WEBENCH design environment at www.ti.com/webench.

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