Aistin Blue2: BTL-4x1 nRF52832

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Aistin Blue boards (based on Nordic Semiconductor chipset) are designed for low energy, battery operated wireless IoT and wearable solutions, including wrist-worn devices. Small sized, round devices measure only 32 mm in diameter, or 27 mm (without screw pads). Slim design guaranteed with AistinBus24 connector, thickness 4.2 mm. A NFC TAG functionality. Bluetooth LE with an integrated crystal antenna. Immediate data logger and sensor data reading with Android application. Add-on boards and flexes are available from the Aistin family.
Aistin Blue2: BTL-4x1 nRF52832
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  • Low power Wearable devices and IoT product platform
  • Easy to extent with add-on-boards and flexes, but still keeping the whole solution tiny
  • Latest motion sensor technology from Kionix
  • Latest BT-LE technology from Nordic Semiconductor
  • Over the air firmware update
  • out-of-box solution with application + free source code examples available
  • 2 MBit EEPROM
  • Micro USB and Battery Connectors, Charge and Power Control
  • Programmable LEDs (red, green and blue)
  • Supports small foot print TagConnect connector less interface (TC2030) for flashing and debugging
  • Programmable switch and power control

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