Video: Audience, Inc: Cell Phone Noise Reduction Based on the Human Hearing System

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1The Audience Voice Processor is the first integrated circuit that is modeled after the most efficient and accurate auditory system, the human hearing system. By understanding the auditory pathway - from the cochlea to the brainstem to the thalamus and cortex - Audience is the first company to deliver a commercial product based on the science of Auditory Scene Analysis (ASA), or the grouping and processing of complex mixtures of sound. Because the Audience Voice Processor handles signals the way people actually perceive specific sounds, Audience is able to identify and suppress noise sources in an extremely efficient and accurate manner.

Fast Cochlea Transform™
Just as the cochlea is central to the human auditory system, the Fast Cochlea Transform (FCT) is the heart of the Audience Voice Processor. The transformation provides optimum time-frequency resolution on a logarithmic frequency axis, without introducing frame artifacts, to allow the various components of the multiple sound sources to be characterized and separated from each other. The FCT's transformation into the spectral domain is essential for Audience's high-performance noise suppression because it permits regions of the frequency spectrum to be separately identified with different sound sources, even when they are present simultaneously.