Portable Multimedia: Powerful, Flexible Solutions Powered by CEVA's Mobile-Media

The ever increasing demands of multimedia processing capabilities from handset, PDA and other multimedia device manufacturers, and the escalating chip costs, are pushing the boundaries of silicon design. While hard-coded solutions were effective for one or two multimedia formats, the market is demanding that multiple formats and codecs be supported by the same design, to give a comprehensive and user-friendly experience to device owners. But as the audio, video and imaging formats became more numerous, the hard-coded paradigm was becoming cumbersome and ineffective. The need for a fully programmable software solution is rapidly being understood by major handset manufacturers as the key to successful deployments of multimedia devices in the coming years. By reusing the same platform for multiple designs and devices, Mobile-Media bridges the gap between the escalating cost and design cycles, and the decreasing revenues and product life cycles, as shown below. Powered by an innovative multimedia acceleration technology, this solution exceeds any criteria for mobile multimedia devices, including video quality, low power consumption and die size. This solution can easily cope with all current multimedia standards and the myriad of evolving standards that have not yet been released to the market, attracting subscribers with stunning new multimedia-enabled devices, and driving up ARPU levels for wireless operators.